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Warners Bay Baptist Church                                                                      Discovering God’s love and learning to share it.

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Warners Bay Baptist Church

Discovering God’s love and learning to share it.

Welcome to the Warners Bay Baptist Church web site. We, the church, are glad you have taken the time to have a look at the web site and would like to invite you along to one of our church services.

We are a Baptist church that has about 70-110 people attend on a Sunday morning. Our congregation has a mixture of young families, middle aged people and older people.

Our services are contemporary in style with a band leading the music portion of our worship service. Within our worship services we also have prayer, Bible readings and someone talking about how the Bible relates to us in our world today. Our services are structured and the people are relaxed and engaged in what is happening.

The mission statement of the church is, “Discovering God’s love and learning to share it.” As a church we endeavour to show God’s love in practical ways through the various programs at the church. We have a group called Wednesday and Thursday Playtime which is for parents with young children to meet, share and let their children play together.

We currently have two youth groups that run on Friday night during school terms:

Fuse for Year 7 - 10 students and Catalyst for those in Year 11 and older.

For the adults we have a vibrant women’s ministry called “Beautiful Hearts” and a men’s ministry called “Wild at Heart”. In addition, we also have a cycling group that meet to go riding, and a program for those going through times of grief and loss.

In addition to the programs, we run home groups that come together on a weekly basis to develop relationships and learn from the Bible.

As a church we believe the Bible to be God’s Word and that all people are equal in the eyes of the Lord. We encourage people who are committed to God and the values of the church to be involved, in some way, within the life of the church.

We hope you find the web site helpful and would love to see you at church. I encourage you to contact us if you have a question.

Have a great day in the Lord,

Lyndon Keeley


Pastor Lyndon Keeley

Click to hear an interview with Pastor Lyndon Keeley.

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